How to create an ebook on mobile

After reading the article you will be able to create ebook on your mobile.

You can easily create any ebook from your mobile with the help of apps. With these apps, you can create professional ebooks.

Apps for creating an ebook

1. Canva

Canva is a graphic designing app in which you can design amazing graphics with the help of templates or your creativity. In this told you just have to drag and drop and you will design amazing professional-looking designs.  In this app, you find hundreds of templates for ebooks. You can edit them and create your ebook easily.

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2. Google docs

Google Docs is an app from Google. In which you can create ebooks easily simply and easily.  Google Docs is similar to Microsoft Word. You can have many options like adding images, Bold, and Italic options for text. Changing fonts and much more.

3. Microsoft Word

As you can say it is the app from Microsoft office. In which you can create a book easily without any advanced knowledge can simply type and create your ebook and format it.

4. Grammarly Keyboard 

These keyboards help in grammar while writing ebooks, emails, messages, etc. This keyboard is amazing for correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and making long sentences into small meaning full sentences. Even I will use this keyboard in writing work.

Features help in writing ebooks in easy & fast

Voice Typing

Voice Typing helps in converting your voice into text. This voice typing option will be available on every keyboard. This makes your writing speed fast and you don’t have to strain to type with your fingers on the touch screen. This may be that much more accurate later on you can correct it by typing.

Glide Typing

Glide Typing is the feature which helps in writing. You don’t have to type or touch on everything in letters to type the whole word. You can just slide on the letters to frame a word in a fast way. This feature is available in both Google Keyboard & Grammarly.

To Enable it in Google Keyboard: Google Keyboard > Settings > Glide Typing > Enable Glide Typing.

To enable it in Grammarly: Grammarly App > Grammarly Settings > Enable Swipe to Type.

Shortly, Install any app mentioned above. Type in and design your ebook, Save it.

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