Earn Money after 10th Class

These are some of the ways to earn money after 10th class. In this way, some of the ways may take a long time to get results and earn money from them. If you are focused on earning money after 10th class. These are some of them by which you can able to earn a good amount of money ?.

These are the ways: Freelancing, Blogging, YouTube Creator, Social media influencer, notes, and online tutoring…..

Freelancing Earn money through Freelancing

You have to work for other people and they pay you for the work. You just have the same skills to do freelancing – Graphic designing, Video editing, writing, translation,…These are some of the marketplaces(sites) in which you can do freelancing – FiverrUpworkfreelancer.


Earn money by blogging

You can earn money by writing articles or information that is useful to others using some of the platforms like WordPress, Blogger… You will be able to monetize them with AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Collaboration, and Blogging it takes some time to show some results and some recent amount of money from it.

YouTube Creator  earn-money-by-creating-content-on-youtube

You can create some interesting and informative videos for other people. In which category do you like the most upload them to YouTube and work on them. After reaching the criteria of 1K subscribers and 4k watch hours. You can able to show ads on your videos by Google AdSense. From which you can I some reasonable amount of money. You can also do some sponsorships and brand collaborations etc. YouTube creation may take some time to show results.

Social Media Influencer 

You can create knowledge full videos for others and post on social media platforms after getting some popularity you can do sponsorships collaborations and much more from which you can earn a decent amount of money. As with the other ways it may also take time to show results and benefits.


You can also and some money by writing notes for the students. who needs them and you can fix some fixed amount of money for writing the notes. If you are good at neat & fast handwriting you can answer a decent amount of money in a short time.

Online Tutoring

earn-money-by-academicsAs you have passed 10th class you can teach topics for lower class students. If you can make money by it. You can do this online tutoring online using some of the apps like zoom or any video calling apps which can help you teach other children lower class students and make some decent money.

What way you are going to using at first or for what way you are going to give more priority. Leave a comment ?. 

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