Earn Money by reselling on Mobile

Reselling is one of the best ways to earn money from your phone.Even I myself able to earn some pretty good decent amount of money from reselling using the reselling apps on my phone. After reading this article you will be also able to earn money from reselling by using the reselling apps on your phone.

Let’s dive in

What is reselling? 

Buying the product from the manufacturer or supplier and selling it to the customer or people who need it for a profitable price.

How does reselling work? 

We buy products from a supplier or manufacturer or company and show the product in the form of images or videos and physically to the people of customers. Some people show interest in buying it. We ask for the details and we sell or deliver it for the profile price.

How to resell? 

You can resell by using reselling apps or by contacting manufacturer or suppliers and sharing the products on Social Media like Facebook Marketplace, WhatsApp, Instagram. And if you get orders from people in social media ask their contact details and address. Order the product from the reselling apps giving the people contact details and address by adding some profit margin.When the order is delivered, the profit will be deposited in you bank account. 

Sneakers, Clothes, Arnaments, are the most of the products are reselling to get more profits. Most of the people resell these shoes. It is having high potential of earn money.

Reselling apps :

1. Glowroad

2. Meesho

3. Shopsy

4. Ebay

5. Olx

If you don’t get results for longtime than you can try others ways to Earn Money while Studying

I hope you guys understood what is reselling and how to resell. If you have any queries let me know in comments. Thank you.

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