Earn Money while Studying

In this article, I will share 30 options through which a college student, can earn money.

Earn money through Academics


So how can you earn money through academics, whether you are a good student or you like to teach?

1. Private Tuitions or Offline Tuitions

Private Tuitions remain by far the best way and the most predictable way to earn money,

2. Teaching Online or Making a Course

If you go on Unacademy or Udemy and make your course. Then you can do something which is a mini capsule of an academic journey, and then you can train students around it.

But a very interesting option which has emerged is!

3. Helping International students with their Homework

So if you go to websites such as Chegg & Bartleby. They are Homework helping sites and from there if you can help worldwide students in doing their homework while sitting anywhere in the world, then you will get money to answer their questions.

You can also do that on Fiverr, or Upwork, but please take utmost precaution. Because many sites are not predominantly for homework, if they get to know that you are helping other people with their homework, then you can be banned as well. So please sign up with full caution on a Freelancing site for homework projects.

But Chegg and Bartleby are specifically created for homework only.

4. Helping other students with assignments

Many people are lazy and they don’t want to study but have the money ?, so they outsource someone to complete their project or their homework, there are enough and more opportunities where you can earn money by helping seniors & juniors with their assignments.

5. Preparing Notes and Converting them into Ebook 

You make notes and convert them into an ebook. Not only photocopied ebooks you can make an ebook and sell them on Amazon or any other ebook seller website and make money. If you list your ebook on gumroad, it doesn’t need to be expensive, you can charge $1 or $2. Suppose you have made an ebook on trigonometry or algebra or zoology or accounting,

Anything which is your area of specialization, and you feel you have done amazing work, would help students. Then you go on to gumroad, amazon or create your ebook on Amazon or make a pdf and send it to your circle on WhatsApp and charge them through UPI apps. You can take courses and convert them into pdf ebooks and sell them. Most people can’t able to afford the course but can able to buy the ebook at low prices.

Freelance Earn money through Freelancing

Now freelancing is a huge category and many options in it have emerged especially in today’s remote world.

For instance, video editing is a majorly growing option. Many content creators don’t know video editing or don’t like to do it because It is time-consuming for them. So you can do a video editing course and do editing for them.

Similarly, Graphic design creates thumbnails, posters, and invites. So those who make good content, have a vast distribution but don’t know graphic designing, they don’t learn or do it, then you can do it for them, all it takes is a simple graphic designing course.

For content writing, So basically if you know the content or video or graphic and thought that you are freelancing for somebody.

Photography and Videography come under this category. Even have reduced a bit so photography is not prevalent. But marriages are still happening so there are many pre-wedding shoots and pre-wedding or maternity shoots, and so on.

Videography is already prevalent as the world is opening up and more events are happening. Skill is very important but if you have that skill it is a wide spectrum for you, right from a beginner to an expert level where you can play around.

Since you are a student and your fundamental economic need is not that much, you become very competitive because there is not much deficiency in your skill but your price point is very attractive, so suddenly a lot of people could work with you. Now, where will you get access to all these freelancing skills?

I think the best way for it is content creators, and to approach content creators, the best way is cold emailing. Otherwise, you can go on to Fiverr, Upwork and create your profile, and bid for projects. It is competitive so there are chances that you would not get the projects in the beginning.

But as you keep working, even if you do it for free, the main thing is to take a review or testimony from them. Because if they do it and your rating improves then your ranking will improve and that is how you start getting organic business. 

As a student freelancing in translation while sitting at home. There are many destinations like Lionbridge and Appen. Which gives you translation services. So you can translate from any language to any language.

Market research is another opportunity. Market research is not done just offline, now it is done online too. Many agencies ask you to review products, and websites, and give your consumer feedback. So that they know what is working, and what is not working, all of those could be things that you signup for as a student.

Coding Earn money by coding

Software development is a vast sphere and if you are a good software developer then you can earn good money as a college student. The first thing is freelance web or app development whether you want to create a website or app, whether on iOS or Android, whether on a native or a platform like React. And if you know how to create a website or an app then you can freelance for many people and earn really good money.

Fiverr & Upwork are great destinations to start. If you have a personal connection, a business, or a connection by parents, whatever the case may be, do small jobs for people who want to create a website or an app, don’t charge much, ask for references and take testimonials from them. That is how you will build this entire space. The good thing is that through this you get to practice also because coding is ultimately a game of coding more and more so that your code is more effective even if simple, and as powerful as a long code.

Participating in Hackathons or coding competitions 

Many companies announce and organize Hackathons, there are many coding competitions with sizable money, in lakhs. So if you are a coder or you want to learn how to code then coding competitions and Hackathons are a great way to make money.

Bounty Program

The third and very interesting option is called the bug bounty program Bounty programs are those people who find mistakes in an app and tell that company, I have found this mistake in your app’, and based on it they get a big bounty or money. The larger the company the bigger its formal bug bounty program would be.

For example. Facebook, Google. Amazon. Now naturally they would have lesser mistakes, so it would be a struggle to find mistakes in them are you may not even find them. But many emerging start-ups have a bug bounty program.

Part-time jobs

There are many kinds of part-time jobs. You can do part-time jobs in events, in delivery, in restaurants, in KPOs and all of those options are there but unfortunately, part-time jobs are a slightly sizable commitment. So it gets a little difficult to manage it along with studies. I would encourage you to only consider them if you need money. Consider it only when you are not able to arrange it from anywhere else because they drain you in terms of time.

Working in Universities

A good part-time option though is if your university is quite big and you get a part-time opportunity in the university. Many university roles are available part-time because they don’t want a full-time person there.  they can save a lot by hiring a student but get almost the same equality. Ex: Part-time jobs in a library or computer labs, or sports facilities. So if your university is big, the campus is huge and it has physically started, then please go to the university administration and ask them if any university part-time job is available that you can do. They might have something for you.


Flipping means you buy something at a cheap price and then you flip it and sell them at a higher price. Used book flipping, Domain flipping means registering a website domain, and since you feel it has sizeable traction or something is going to happen. Because of this, that domain name can be in demand, so you flip kit. It’s a bit like gambling because you don’t know what will work, and what will not work, so you will have to buy many of them. Only do it if you have the money otherwise it may not be a great option.

And then the last thing that you can flip is It hardware. When students leave campus or hostel. They leave many things behind like a mouse or USB cable, nothing is wrong with them, just that, maybe they are slightly dirty or the circuit won’t be working. If you know how to fix them, great, even if you don’t know how to fix them, just clean them up properly and test them. The one which is working you can spread them on a mat and put it on sale. You can make some nice happy money through that, and flipping is something that will continue happening all through your college years.

Content Creation Earn money by content creation

Content creation is a very exciting category. which emerged recently. There was nothing like it during our times. Content creation on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, creating blogs, running newsletters, running blogs. All those options for you, however, it doesn’t generate immediate money.

It will take at least one ideally two years for you to reach a position. Where you can monetize it. So if you are looking for short-term money then content creation may not be for you. But if you want to create a long-term distribution because of which people would know you and your platforms would be famous. So on and so forth, then this may be a great investment for you to make it.

Business Ideas

I think the best opportunity as a college student is if you can get your hands dirty and start a business or a Start-up. However small it may be, you don’t need to make that start-up into a unicorn, you don’t beg to raise funding. Singing gives you a business understanding that how is a product sold to a customer, how to earn money through that, and how you ensure that money is more than your cost. So that your businesses are profitable.

There are many business ideas that a student can undergo. Some examples, Food Stalls in Colleges, Opening up a delivery network on campus. You can run a small business or agency in which you can serve restaurants, spas, and saloons on Instagram. You can create websites for them and earn some money.

Cold Kitchen

Cold Kitchen can be a nice and peaceful business because most of the delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber will take care of them. You just need to cook and wait for the sales.

Merchandise Business

Where you can sell t-shirts. pens, mugs, cups there will be many things which were liked by the college students really like hoodies.

Affiliate Business

If you have a large network of college friends, family and relatives then you can become an affiliate partner of Amazon or Flipkart. This means if you share many links in your network, and then somebody buts anything through that link on Amazon or Flipkart, then you will get some percentage as commission as revenue. It’s simple easy money and it’s such a great way to make an affiliate or happy income as a college student.

So these were all the ideas but here is the most important question. When you would be evaluating these ideas, the big decisions that you have to make as a college student is, can I spare my time or do I want to build an asset? That means that do have the time which I’m ready to devote to this. But know that I will keep earning till I keep devoting my time to it, and the moment I stop giving it time maybe my earnings will also stop.

But building an asset can earn you money while sleeping. There is a difference between renting time and building an asset. Renting time will give you instant money and it will be short-term. But building assets do not get short-term money. Assets do not start making money right away. You will have to give commitments for a time before you start seeing money. My suggestion is to build an asset for the long term. if you want instant money then you can rent time.

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