Freelancing on Mobile

Freelancing on Mobile, after reading this article you will be able to do freelancing on mobile without any problem.

freelancing on mobile proofI started freelancing on mobile a few years ago. I earned nearly $200 from mobile freelancing using the strategies below. It is a little bit up and down at starting. But since I am interested and loved doing it. if you have any queries leave a comment ?. I like to react. So let’s dive in!

Freelancing can be done by the students studying in school, unemployed people, and senior citizens who took retirement. But all the people can’t afford a computer or laptop. But you can do freelancing from your mobile. If you have the right skill and interest in doing it.

Like other jobs or businesses. Freelancing on mobile also has pros and cons.


1. Workspace flexibility

Unless other jobs and work you don’t have to sit at your PC or Desk. You can work from anywhere. You can work while travelling, sleeping, or sitting in the washrooms anywhere where you have a good internet connection and charge.

2. Flexible working hours

You don’t need to fix any working hours. You can work in the morning, noon, evening, or midnight, at anytime that you wish you do.

3. Response rate

After hearing the notification sound from your clients you can quickly respond to them. In which you can maintain a high response rate. But in pc, you should start and open the platform and then respond which may take some time to respond and a    chance of a low response rate.

4. No Burden

You won’t have the burden of caring for heavyweight laptops or any other device. You can just work with a phone with very little weight.


1. Not able to provide all the services

While working from your smartphone you can’t provide services like coding, programming, web development, app development, advanced video editing, Advanced photo editing, 2d or 3d animation, Illustrations, Audio mixing, mastering, etc…

2. Less Productivity

You can’t improve your workflow without having advanced softwares or tools which were available on only pc. So you will have less productivity of having limited tools.

3. No possibility of multitasking

You can’t do multi-tasking on your phone as you do on your pc. You have to work on one task at a time. There is no possibility of multitasking on your phone.

4. Distractions

While doing freelancing work on your phone. There is a chance of distractions from texts, phones & other app notifications. This may lead to losing your focus and dropping off.

5. Limited storage 

On a mobile phone, you will have very little amount or limited storage unlike the pc does have more storage space. There are cloud storages which you can use on mobile. There will be some difficulty in sending files to clients. Overall if you manage in doing it. Then, It won’t be a problem.

Platforms for freelancing

  1. Fiverr is one of the largest freelance marketplaces. Where you can provide your services by creating gigs. You can use their website as well as the app
  2. Freelancer is also the best platform for freelancing where you can bid for projects. You can use their website as well as the app.
  3. Upwork is a great platform to work as a freelancer on mobile. Where you can apply for the jobs or display your services. You can use their website as well as the app

I suggest opening these freelancing websites on the Desktop site on Mobile. To open in desktop site chrome browser > enter the website URL or address > three dots on right side > Enable Desktop Site. That it will open the site in desktop view.

Services you can provide with the help of an app

1. Graphic Designing

You can design flyers, posters, social media banners, social media posts, and logos by using apps like Canva, Picture Editor, Adobe Express, etc.

2. Video Editing

You can edit short forms of content like reels, shorts, and Tiktok videos from your phone very effectively. By using apps Inshot, Kinemaster, Vn, Vita.

3. Writing 

You can write anything from your smartphone by using these apps Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Grammarly.

4. Translation

You can easily translate from any language to any language by using an app or website of Google called Google Translate.

5. Remove Image Background

You can remove the image background by using websites like You can also download and use background removing apps from Play Store.

6. Social media Management 

Some businesses or companies can’t able to manage their social media accounts. So they hire some people to manage their social media accounts. And for social media management, the mobile phone is the best device since you will have access to all the social media apps on your device. You can manage them very quickly from anywhere.

7. Virtual Assistant

Some people or businesses hire people as an assistant remotely ( virtual assistants). You have to schedule their appointments and manage their meetings and phone calling and update their email, host video conferencing, etc. This can be done from your mobile. With some of the apps like Google Calendar & some of the video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, etc.

8. Audio Transcription 

You can listen to the audio which was provided by the client and then you can convert that to text. You can do this by listening to the audio & noting them in any note-taking apps or writing apps.

Shortly, Invest the money which you earned in buying a laptop or pc.

What service you are going to provide in freelancing on mobile? Leave a comment ?

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