How to open Linkvertise Link

After reading this you will be able to open the Linkvertise Link without any issues.

Steps :

1. Open the link in your browser.

2. Verify the captcha that you are not a robot.

3. Then you will see two options ‘ Direct access with premium & Free access with ads’

4. If you want you can buy a premium to directly access the file or you can access the file for free with ads.

5.  We will go with the free option. Click on the free access with ads option. Then it will show you to complete the steps to continue.

6. So let’s complete the steps. Click on the discover articles and on the x option on the right top of the side to complete the task.

7. Click on the discover topic option to complete the task and it will show some topics click on any topic and close the opened page.

8. Then click on the x icon on the top rate and then it will show the tick mark in the two steps.

9. Now click on the continue to website option.

10. It will show the file link. Just copy the link by clicking on copy option on the top left and then paste the link into your browser and then you are good to go you can access the file and download it.

For what kind of file you opened this Linkvertise Link let me know in the comment section.

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