Reels Beat Sync Tutorial

Beat Sync photos and Videos are gaining more engagement and reach as well as popularity these days. Later, you can turn them into sales and much more.

Popular Apps for Beat Sync Video editing

Alight Motion, Capcut, Vn editor, Kinemaster, Vita and much more.

Famous Software for Video Editing

Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, Wondershare Filmora,

In addition, you can use any of the editing apps/softwares.

Editing Tutorial for Beat Sync

1. You need music(audio), and photos or Videos to perfectly beat sync in your video. I think you should already have the media on your device. If the audio is on the internet in the reels or shorts or Tiktok Video.

2. You can just copy the link of the videos and open your browser and search for the reels audio downloader or shorts audio downloader or Tiktok audio downloader. Open the website and paste the link and click on download to save the audio to your device.

3. Import the media into your video editor and select the audio and you will have a preference called beats in which you can mark beats. Some of the softwares or apps can already have an option called auto beats marker. You can enable it and then if the beats or not detailed or there is no option at all. You can mark the beats by yourself by hearing the audio.

4. After marking the beats. Adjust the photos or video in between the beats from starting of the audio and the end of the audio by trimming or splitting & cutting options. Play the video and see the video until the end carefully.  If there is any inaccurate in the sync of the photos  & videos adjust them.

5. Apply transitions & animation fx for any media in the timeline. If any of them aren’t applicable leave them. To conclude export or save the video in any resolution you want. Otherwise, I recommend 1080p and 30fps export settings.

Shortly, import media, mark the beats and adjust the media in between beats, and export the video.

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