How to write a Blog Post in Mobile.

Almost I write all the blog posts of this blog from my mobile. After reading this article you will be able to write Blog posts from your mobile without any issues or problems.

Let’s dive in

If you are reading this article you should have already created the website or blog. If not and if you want a tutorial to create a blog or website from your mobile. Then let me know in the comment section at the end.

For writing your Blog Post

You can write the text directly into the text editors like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Google Keep Notes. And then copy and paste it on your blog or you can directly write it in your blog using the apps like WordPress or Blogger. But these apps are having limited features. You can’t able to optimize your Blog Post by doing SEO(Search Engine Optimization) from these apps.

You can optimize the blog post by logging into your WordPress and Blogger in your browser.

For WordPress type your website address “/admin or /login” into the address bar and provide the login details and then type or paste the text. And for SEO you can do it effectively by turning on the desktop site of the tab in your browser. And then publish your blog post.

GrammarlyThis is the best keyboard app that checks all the grammar mistakes and spelling and clears them. It also gives suggestions for your text to make it effective and straightforward to the readers.

Tip :

Use voice to text feature to type your text fast and effectively. You can use Google’s voice-to-text feature on Google’s keyboard which is fast and accurate.

For Images of your Blog Post

You can use apps like picture editor, canva, and PicsArt for creating images with text and designs which are attractive.

You can also directly take a picture from your phone’s camera and upload it to your blog right from your mobile.

Accordingly, you can easily write and publish blog posts from your mobile without any issues or problems. If have any queries let me know in the comment section below. 

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